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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” – William Arthur Ward

We believe sầu that the best teacher is the one who can inspire children. When selecting teachers, we believe that excellent professional abilities, qualifications, và experience are necessary but not sufficient conditions. The most important qualities are the openness, creativity and willingness lớn learn & improve knowledge and thinking to become a worthy và confident teacher in this new era. Therefore, continuous training khổng lồ improve teacher qualifications is a top priority in the school’s annual plan, especially with the tư vấn from partnership with schools and education organizations such as Wellspring International Bilingual School, University of Pedagogy, University of Missouri, English Exams Cambridge, Pearson, Creative sầu Academy….

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With proactive sầu policies and management mechanisms, teachers are evaluated và treated according to their actual competence. With favourable working conditions that promotes humanity, respect, và creativity, Edison really motivates each teacher “from the inside” lớn work for a long time and devote their best lớn teaching và educating students.


We are looking for full- time qualified ESL/ENL TEACHERS for the Academic year- 2021- 2022:

Minimum Bachelor Degree (preferably in Education và Pedagogy)English Teaching Certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA) and equivalents.At least 3 years’ teaching experience.NES expats in Vietnam giới only

Scope of works:

To teach English subject and other subjects in English which is suitable with teacher’s education background and experiences following an assigned teaching schedule.To prepare the lesson plans prior lớn the class schedule.To cover classes for absent teachers according khổng lồ assignment from line manager.To teach/coach/instruct students at club time within working hours. Club assignment will be scheduled based on employee’s education background, strength, and ability.To bởi other duties related to teaching profession such as assigning homework for students, correcting homework, writing student assessments and reports, creating/marking/grading students’ exams…To participate in school extra-curricular activities, parent meetings, professional development meeting etc. according to school plan và calendar.Other miscellaneous duties assigned by your HOD or Director of Studies related lớn your expertise.

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Competitive salary packagePrivate Health InsurancePaid leaves & Public HolidaysContract completion bonusSupportive sầu & innovative sầu working environmentTuition fee discount for childrenBreakfast and lunch are provided
CV with a photo lớn, clearly stating the learning process, working experience, outstanding advantages, achievements.Copies of degrees, certificates, and other personal accomplishments.

Note: Apply directly at the school or via Recruitment Thư điện tử. Only shortlisted candidates are invited to lớn interviews. Unsatisfactory profiles are not returned.

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