Lời Bài Hát I See The Light

About I See the Light

"I See the Light" is a tuy vậy written by composer Alan Menken và lyricist Glenn Slater for Walternative text Disney Animation Studios" 50th animated feature film Tangled (2010).

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A duet originally recorded by American recording artist và actress Mandy Moore và American actor Zachary Levi in their respective sầu film roles as main characters Rapunzel và Flynn Rider, the folk-inspired pop ballad serves as both the film"s love and theme song. Lyrically, "I See the Light" describes the developing romantic relationship between Rapunzel và Flynn, & is featured as the seventh traông xã on the film"s soundtraông chồng album. Tangled was originally conceived by Disney animator Glen Keane. Subsequently, Walternative text Disney Animation Studgame ios hired veteran Disney composer Alan Menken & lyricist Glenn Slater to write the film"s songs. Initially, Menken & Slater had written a more anthemic version of "I See the Light" before finally re-working it inkhổng lồ a gentler, simpler and more folk-oriented tuy vậy.

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Menken would later reveal that, out of Tangled"s five sầu songs & musical numbers, he is most proud of "I See the Light"."I See the Light" has inspired a generally mixed khổng lồ positive reception from film and music critics, who were largely ambivalent towards the song"s content, questioning its originality. However, the "lantern sequence" during which "I See the Light" is performed by Rapunzel and Flynn has enjoyed widespread critical acclayên ổn, with journalists & commentators praising its visuals và use of 3D. Critically, both the song và the scene have been compared to similar thắm thiết musical sequences from preceding Disney animated films, including "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid (1989) and "A Whole New World" from Aladdin (1992), both of which are love songs also composed by Menken.more »

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All those days watching from the windowsAll those years outside looking inAll that time never even knowingJust how blind I"ve beenNow I"m here blinking in the starlightNow I"m here suddenly I seeStanding here it"s all so clearI"m where I"m meant to lớn beAnd at last I see the lightAnd it"s like the fog has liftedAnd at last I see the lightAnd it"s like the sky is newAnd it"s warm & real và brightAnd the world has somehow shiftedAll at once everything looks differentNow that I see youAll those days chasing down a daydreamAll those years living in a blurAll that time never truly seeingThings, the way they wereNow she"s here shining in the starlightNow she"s here suddenly I knowIf she"s here it"s crystal clearI"m where I"m meant to goAnd at last I see the lightAnd it"s like the fog has liftedAnd at last I see the lightAnd it"s like the sky is newAnd it"s warm & real & brightAnd the world has somehow shiftedAll at once everything is differentNow that I see youNow that I see you

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