Instructions for ghosting Windows XP with Onekey Ghost are also shared by below to lớn tư vấn users khổng lồ use Onekey Ghost effectively. Ghost Windows XP with Onekey Ghost is being evaluated as the most useful solution today.

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Onekey ghost is the software that supports ghost as well as extracting the best ghost file, fastest và completely không tính phí. In addition to using Onekey Ghost, you can create usb boot khổng lồ extract the ghost tệp tin when you do not want to lớn reinstall Windows, creating usb boot is similar lớn creating a usb khổng lồ install Win.

How khổng lồ ghost Windows XPhường with Onekey Ghost

Because of its simplithành phố & convenience, the way that ghost win 7 is applied becomes completely simple, the way Windows XPhường. ghost or Win 7 ghost is the same, readers can refer to lớn & apply similarly. However, the topic below only mentions WinXP.., so would like lớn guide you to lớn Windows xp ghost with onekey ghost.

No file iSO Ghost WinXP: Download Ghost Win XPhường SP3

Guide ghost win xp with onekey ghost

First you can tải về Onekey ghost here: Download Onekey Ghost.

Step 1: xuất hiện Onekey Ghost select Backup, select the ghost tệp tin storage drive và then press Yes.


Step 2: The system will require rebooting, you just need khổng lồ reboot & let the software run automatically and you’re done.

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Step 3: If you want to lớn extract a ghost lớn restore your computer, choose Restore, select the drive lớn restore and Yes.


Step 4: Choose next Yes to reboot.


Step 5: Just lượt thích the step above, you will have sầu nothing to vì chưng but wait for the ghost khổng lồ be extracted.


Above has instructed you how to ghost Windows XPhường with onekey ghost.

Creating a ghost file is quite simple, but in the case of a computer error, you will need lớn extract the ghost to lớn restore the computer khổng lồ its original state. Research How lớn extract the ghost file on win 7,8,10 easily without resorting lớn rescue disk.

Although this is a triông xã you need khổng lồ know but win xp is outdated, if possible, please upgrade to lớn win 7, or install Windows 10 khổng lồ use. Because currently Windows 10 is the lachạy thử win, & the installation windows 10 It is also quite easy. USB is currently a device used in a lot of things, in addition lớn storage, you can create USB ghost khổng lồ ghost win, how to create USB ghost is done, please refer khổng lồ how khổng lồ create usb ghost here