Nam Tnhị Son Group has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene bags including custom-made packaging products to retail and industrial customers in Vietphái nam và international markets since 1989. Tnhị Son packaging enterprise was established in 1989. After that, Nam Thai Son Co., Ltd. was founded on November 04, 1998, and was converted inkhổng lồ Nam Tnhì Son Export Import Joint Stochồng Company on October 22, 2007. This mark for the development và affirmation of Nam Thai Son trade name.





Business - Production Export Plastic Packaging

During trăng tròn years, Nam Thai Son has affirmed the top leading position in the plastic và packaging industry in the local market and international market....

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Business In Plastic Materials

In order to diversify commercial products and serve for production units, Nam Tnhì Son Group has imported and distributed plastic beads & plastic films...


Business In Water Treatment Chemicals

Nam Tnhì Son Company is an official agent of Kurita chemical Group - nhật bản (1 of 3 largest chemical group in the world) in Vietnam.We offers products...


Synthesis Export

Nam Tnhị Son Group specializes in providing khổng lồ international markets for agricultural and forestry - seafood products và high quality handicrafts, produced...


As one of the largest packaging export companies in Vietphái nam, always put the chất lượng và prestige on top.

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Specializing in providing environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic bags and bags.

Nam Thai Son Company participated in the trade fair of Thu Duc Business...

On the afternoon of August 24, Tran Viet Anh - General Director of Nam Thai Son company attended...

Nam Tnhì Son company the leading export packaging in Vietnam

Not only is the company producing packaging in the Vietnamese market, Nam Tnhị Son is also...

Nam Thai Son Corporation received the typical enterprise award 2018

The admission of new thành viên of Nam Tnhì Son Corporation in 2018

Nam Tnhì Son Corporation solemnly organized the admission of elite young people with qualities...

Ho Chi Minch City Head Office 934 D3, D Street, Cat Lai industrial zone 2, Tkhô giòn My Loi ward, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh thành phố, Vietnam (+84) 28 37421331 (+84) 28 37421236 info
Northern Nam Thai Son Import Export Limited Liability Company Km34+600, Route 5, Vinc Hung, Binch Giang, Hai Duong (+84) 2đôi mươi 377 3587 (+84) 2đôi mươi 377 4986 info
Nam Tnhì Son Ha Noi Office 14 Pho Tram, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Ha Noi. (+84) 24 3200 6982 (+84) 24 3200 6985 office_hanoi
NAM THÁI SƠN CẦN THƠ Số E73 khu người dân 586, đường 56, p. Prúc Thứ đọng, Q. Cái Răng, TP. Cần Thơ (+84) 292 246 8236 (+84) 292 246 8236 chinhanhcantho